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Facebook's virtual currency 'Libra' Announce Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook's virtual currency 'Libra'
Facebook Announcement their New Update News that is “Libra” One of the Top Social Media Announce it.
A Virtual Currency is a Libra, Mark Zuckerberg- CEO at Facebook, He confirmed that on his Facebook Page Officially, He Announce it on his Official Facebook Account at Yesterday 3:12 PM.


Facebook Virtual Currency Libra 

In This Information published Mark-Zuckerberg and he information in a post on his official Facebook account.
Facebook is bringing a virtual currency which is 'Libra'. On Tuesday (June 18th) from Facebook co-founder
The information we collect from Mark-Zuckerberg in his Facebook new post on his official Facebook account.
Mark-Zuckerberg also said that the new currency, "Libra” which will be an easy money system. Millions of peoples waiting for his new project, Specially Young Generation  
 Millions of people around the world will benefit from using it. "By using the Block chain technology by 2020 launching, the virtual currency will officially start its journey, connecting more than 27 companies around the world, he said. These companies include popular organizations like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Uber, Stripe and Booking dot com.

Zuckerberg has announced the creation of a non-profit organization which named Libra Association. Under this organization, an expert team will oversee the supervision of Liberia.
When Facebook's launches their new project virtual currency Libra, we think there will be radical changes in banking services globally.
If Facebook's Crypto currency project is successful, then soon all financial transactions in the world will come under the block chain technology, experts believe as we believe and we hope so.
All the information we have from Mark Zuckerberg. He gave this information in a single long post on his official Facebook account.

Globally we found some user Comments:
  • An American user says crypto currency with the ethics of Uber, the censorship resistance of PayPal, and the centralization of Visa, and all the information all tied together under the proven privacy of Facebook.
  • And here it goes. One world currency is on its way. Cashless banking. And as usual good old Mark will sell this information to the IRS so you got no chance of hiding a few dollars from them.  You can loss access on your Libra account if you don’t behave politically or ideologically. The methods almost already for visible Facebook censorship and account suspension methods. How can we trust a company that's known for selling your personal data to the highest bidder and supporting certain political ideologies? Just another way to control another aspect of your life and to make you system conform. Incredible how many people commenting here and believe this is a good thing. Are you guys really that naive to believe that Mark is doing this to make the world a better place. There is a deeper purpose behind it. And the control over you by tech companies is sold to you as usual as a convenience for you. This way you buy into it. Think people.  
  • if you paid Also people for their content creations, it would act like Universal Basic Income and help billions of people lift out of property, people also give employment in the face of large scale And taking human's employment
  • Congratulations planet earth! We are nearer now to a global currency and united planet.
  • This is THE opportunity to change the world with the education and broad acceptance of digital currencies... I hope your team is as focused on what can truly be. I see a world connected by Space X satellites, low powered phones by Samsung and others and a stable transnational token for commerce powered by the Facebook platform. Greatness or disaster awaits. I hope your expert team will understands that global task at the hand, the serious implications, and responsibilities. 
  • Believe me  I am excited for Facebook is such a good  utility for me, If i open Facebook and get paid for my work, it would make my life a lot easier, we are with you Mark Zuckerberg - now the next step is paying people for their Data/Content Creation with Libra.
  • Always innovating, Mark Zuckerberg! Love this and remembering that the only thing constant in life is change
  • Congratulations Mark! A huge numbers of milestone for helping billions of people access global commerce with a stable and secure system. 

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