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Google Maps Directions || How to use Offline Google Maps Without Internet || Google Maps Apps

Google Maps Directions || Offline Google Maps || Use Google Maps Without Internet || Offline Google Maps Directions

How to use Google Maps offline anywhere – Google offline map using 

Google Maps Use Offline


 Google map is a web mapping service by Google

Google Map: Google Map is a very powerful mobile application for all of us. We use Google Maps for our local views and destinations finding best route and view our required locations.

 Google Maps Directions
Google Maps Directions

How to use Offline Google Maps Without Internet 

How many times we will needed to move from one place to another place, all about we can see is the Google Map application.
Whether there is any traffic jam on the street we can see it very easy way, because Google recently update their maps views in worldwide, if you see Red on the Route or street it means this route is very traffic jam and if you saw this yellow street it means this road is few traffic but you can go easy way, and if you saw green signal on the street or route it means this road is without traffic, we can see easily all kinds of information about Google Maps.  All the Information you have normally data connection is required, to view Google map on locations. Sometimes we do not have a mobile Data, so we cannot see the location during our times. Today I will share with you how to use offline Google Map.

Google Maps Offline Mobile Application

If you want to use Google map offline, you can open your mobile Google map applications. After open Google map, you will saw the menu bar upper (Three Dot) options at the top left upper, now you go there and click on the menu bar (Three Dot) option. When you click on the menu bar option, you will saw the offline maps option. Now click to the offline maps options. When you click on the offline options, you will saw select your own map options now go to there and download options. Now you can click your select area, which exactly want to download and put want to offline your own map options. Now go to the select your own map options, then you will saw the entire Google maps. Now you can select the location as you need. Most of the time we need to Google offline maps when we go to somewhere like travel places,
You can zoom it and easily views Google maps and select area which would you like to download, Your Google Map transfer file size also will decrease additional, if you choose a great deal more space, then the scale of your Google map transfer file are going to be additional. Currently once your required space is chosen you'll see the transfer button below, currently once you click on the transfer button, your Google Map offline file are going to be downloaded. Now you'll be able to use Google Map while not web.

In this manner you'll be able to use your Google maps while not web association. If you've got any queries and face any drawback thus comment please. Thank you most for visiting


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