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How to Upload Custom Template on Blogger Step by Step || Blogger Custom Template Upload

How to Upload Custom Template on Blogger Step by Step

Hello Good People, Welcome to another fresh new article. Today we are talking about how to Upload Custom template on your blogger account, or how to custom template upload blogger.

how to upload custom template on blogger

All the reason behind is making this topic for clear to clarify the basic of blogging. There are so many new bloggers don’t know to upload custom blogging template, so today I will show you how to upload, If you are new here, please read carefully if you want to upload a custom template on your blogger account,

First of all, you need to download a custom template whatever you can get, So after download completed your template you need to install it on your blogger, How to install blogger template? No idea? Don’t wary I will help you.
Login your blogger account and go to the theme menu, after click theme menu you can see a normal template, so if you want you can download your previous template and all data, after restore or backup template them you need to install your new template, So as I said previous, you need to download a template, so find the template as your computer or machine location your download folder 

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Now go to the theme menu and go to the right upper menu and you can saw the restore menu then go to the menu, as you can see download the them as your running template and under the options Upload a theme from a file on your hard drive, make sure that your template will be that mix html file
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Now go to browse options and go to your drive and upload your custom template, or you can upload your HTML file on the previous template if you have an HTML file do copy and delete all the previous coding and paste the new HTML code which you have copied recently. Then click on the "Save theme" to complete the method. Now, you are ready to give your blog a new and professional look. After that, you need to customize your blogger custom template. Go to the Layout menu and design yourself as your custom template uploaded,

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