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Top Keyword Research Tools for Begineer || Top SEO Tools for Beginner

Top Keyword Research Tools for Begineer || Top SEO Tools for Beginner

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) every blogger wants to improve and learning SEO. So today I will show you some free SEO tools. You can improve your SEO and keyword research.

keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools:
There are so many keyword research tools you can get. But I will give you some tools you can use it and improve your blogging and Keyword research skills. There are so many numbers of keyword research tools out there, that can might help you identify for new keywords.

when you search on your keywords you will often to see suggestions in the search bar as you types and there will also be a list of suggested keywords at the bottom of the page.

So here are the best tools for keyword research.

1. SEMRush

SEMRush is a good website researching tool. You can check your website search engine, or PPC stats on any website, see you can see your site ranking, or your competitor’s website rankings. Basically, I love using it for keyword Increasing. You can use this tool just 2 ways, Read and learn

Easy Wins Method: submit your website URL under the Organic Research on the left, click to the positions. Find where your ranking for on page 2 is, re-optimize your pages or add links (internal or external) to boost your rank.

Keyword Jacking Method: Find your competitor's domains and run to the keyword report on them. Sort by the report to the keyword volume, jack their keywords and either add them to your existing pages or build out new pages. BOOM
Just go here and create an account semrush enjoy.

2. KWfinder:

Quickest keyword Research tool ever. Keyword Research tools KWfinder will show strength values that come from majestic TF & CF, & Unique linking and unique  IPs for the top 10 results, as well as PR. It works Awesome. You can use it for keyword research combination with all the keyword ideas you got from Semrush.

3. HOTH Keyword Research Tool:

THEHOTH keyword Research tool

This tool is basically a free version of SEMRush. Just put in a seed keyword and it will give you all kinds of variations as well as traffic, CPC, and more information.

4. UberSuggest:

Uber Suggest keyword research tool

This is basically a Google suggest scraper. You can use it for your skill improvement.  Find all kinds of long tails with this baby.

5. Answer the Public:

Answer The Public Tool
it is a good keyword planner tool, you can use it I hope you will find your keyword. It is a Similar to Ubersuggest, but even more. You can use this to find out what kinds of questions peoples are searching for.

6. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer:

Ahrefs is a good keyword research tool. You can easily find your keyword ranking position. I will prefer you, Ahrefs has comes to a long way and they were just released a new keyword explorer. This is interesting features some that other tools don’t have like to the “also rank for” feature.ss

7. KeywordTool.io:

Keyword Tool

Another very popular keyword suggestion tool. You can use it, just search Google and sing up on this site. It will be best helpful for you,

All the information I provide as I always research and use, you that every Professional Blogger said and Beginner always looking, if you Like This Blog please comment on your Opinion. We will try to keep writing as you demand us. Please Stay with Us. If you like this article don’t forget to share with your friends, we always try to give you best, Stay with yourtopi


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