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Microsoft Surface 2020 laptop Price And Configurations

Microsoft Surface 2020 laptop Price And Configurations

Given their nerdy heritage, Microsoft doesn’t have quite the hipster appeal of Apple but it’s an unfair image lately – the new Surface range oozes style and panache.

At £399, the Surface Go 2 is that the budget laptop within the range and features a much bigger battery and touchscreen than its predecessor, while at the other end of the spectrum the Surface Laptop 3 starts at £899, but you’ll want to spend tons quite that to urge the foremost out of it. 

It’s taken two years to release an updated model, but it’s 50 per cent faster than the already-blissfully speedy Surface Laptop 2, and claims and all-day battery lifetime of 17.5 hours. It really looks like it should be well worth the wait.

Elsewhere the Surface Headphones (£239.99) have also had an update, featuring “enhanced Omnisonic sound”, 13 levels of noise cancellation and integration with Microsoft Office, and thus the tech giants have finally joined truth wireless game with the new Surface Earbuds (£199.99),

which appear as if shiny little silvery discs of audio goodness.
Needless to say , given all the competition, the Microsoft Surface remains one of the best-looking laptops on the market, so these tasty updates will little question be turning a few of heads

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